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I will organize your home or office space to perfection! With any area, the first step is decluttering. We will work closely together to streamline your belongings, and then I will designate a home for every item, ensuring you are left with not only a functional and peaceful space, but a system to follow to maintain it going forward.


While I'm happy to tackle any space in need of tidying, common projects include:

• Kitchens, pantries, and laundry rooms: cleaning cupboards and creating cohesive storage plans, ensuring the spaces are used to their greatest functionality

• Mudroom or entryway areas: clearing the clutter that stops us in our tracks as we enter and leave our homes, ensuring that every member of the family can help keep it clean moving forward

• Playrooms and children's rooms: creating play spaces, establishing storage systems for clothing and toys, making art and homework zones for kids

• Closets: organizing the space and paring wardrobes, storing, reselling, or donating unused items

• Offices: both professional and home office spaces: cleaning up filing systems, desktop and work spaces, and calming the clutter that prevents you from focusing

• Decor: I'll help you remove old or tired decor, refresh accessories, linens, and more to give your newly-organized space the face life it deserves

• Move In and Move Out (see below)




• Renovating or Updating?

I can help you to source, interview, and hire vendors and contractors for your project. I offer damage and disaster remediation, including working directly with your insurance company to substantiate your claim and return your home to normal. I can act as your liason with vendors for renovation or repair work, and often work closely with design professionals to make sure your home or office looks exactly how you want it to - with as little stress as possible!

• Moving?

I offer move management for professional spaces and homes, working with movers to coordinate a seamless move-out, and unpacking items into the right locations the first time. It can be an overwhelming task to figure out where your items would be the happiest, let me take that off your plate (and put that plate in the right cupboard!)

• Attention to Detail

I am experienced in reading floor plans and elevations, project punch list management, and the custom design of built-in areas like desks, playroom spaces, storage areas and closets, and fully finished garages. I will source and work closely with vendors to ensure the project is perfectly executed all the way through to the finishing touch. 

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