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I'm Samantha, An Expert in Organization

I believe that an organized world is a better world. I can turn even the most overwhelming spaces into your favorite places. 

One of my guiding philosophies, borrowed from my mentor, globally renowned designer and ideator Jakob Trollbäck, is his personal motto "discard everything that means nothing." This phrase reminds me to clear the clutter from my life, home, and surroundings, so that I can enjoy them unencumbered. I founded thetidylife to deliver that same peace of mind to my clients. 

With service offerings including professional organization, personal assistance, event planning, and custom special projects, I can handle your entire to-do list in order to streamline and simplify your life. 

I work in person in the greater Philadelphia area, and am open to travel as needed. Additionally, I offer some personal assistance services remotely. You tell me what you need; every individual's needs are different, and I am focused on providing an experience tailored to each client, with the utmost discretion and care. Take a look below at my more detailed offerings, or reach out to let me know what you need most. I look forward to working with you to bring peace to your personal chaos.

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"When I moved to a rental apartment and needed a few special touches, I knew who to call. Samantha curated a show-stopping gallery wall featuring my international art collection, turning what could have become cluttered into a memorable focal point - and let's not forget the custom living room bar design!"

Momin S.

"Working with Samantha in my home and business is always a pleasure! Her eye for design and ability to make the most of any space are unparalleled. I love that Samantha is a one-stop-shop for organizing, decor, and project management, keeping my task list short and my spaces looking great."

Jen R.

"I love that The Tidy Life provides

everything I need to keep my home

organized, efficient, and fun for my family! I'd recommend Samantha's services to anyone in need of some peace and zen. (I can't give my name because my husband doesn't know that the secret to my organized home is that when he goes to work, she comes to do her magic!) "

Tidy Life Client

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